Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Its no secret that affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online.

Most products have an affiliate program, and some even pay you as much as 75%! All you have to do is find the ones that pay the most, sign up, drive traffic to that site through your affiliate link and you’re all set right?

Wrong! Lets back up a minute.

Its great to choose an affiliate program that pays a high percentage, but that’s not most important. Its most important to find a quality affiliate program that meets certain criteria.

First, you want to make sure the product is a proven seller. You don’t want to waste your time and money driving traffic to a site that doesn’t convert. Find one with a good conversion rate.

Second, make sure the site you become an affiliate for protects his affiliates, and has your best interest at heart. Look for one that provides banners, e-mails, and other tools you can use to promote the site. Also, make sure that there is only one payment option. As an affiliate marketer, you need to be sure that you will get credit for your referral. If there is more than one payment method, you can get shortchanged.

Third, do not choose an affiliate program that promotes an e-mail course. Nothing angers me more than becoming an affiliate to a site that’s first goal is to capture e-mail addresses, and then tries to make the sale second. As an affiliate marketer, you need to capture e-mail addresses, then to convert that prospect into a sale. Stick with affiliate programs that aren’t focused on capturing leads because its simply not in your best interest. Build your own list, not someone else.

Affiliate marketing can be an absolute goldmine, but if you choose the wrong affiliate programs you will only be wasting your money.

Another quick note: Don’t let anyone tell you a particular Niche is too saturated. Unless you have deep pockets you should stay away from industries like credit repair, gambling, insurance, etc. However, you can even succeed in those if you are inventive enough. Try out new methods of generating leads. Be creative.

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Build Your List and Get Sales with Viral Page Builder Review

We all know that if your in the internet marketing business you need pages. Its a simple fact. You need squeeze pages, you need bonus pages, you need review pages, you need sales pages.

This industry has no shortage of very cool, drag and drop page builders with hundreds of templates and thousands of options.

As a top internet marketer who has done over three million dollars in sales online:

I have used dozens of super powerful drag and drop page builders in my business. As a experienced software developer I even created one or two of my own. But to be honest, every one of them had one major problem.

With all the options, features, settings, widgets, and buttons they have a HUGE learning curve that made them super difficult for non tech / new people to use. Even worse, once you figure out how to use the software it still takes one, two, and sometimes three hours or more to edit the a template, enter your settings, tweak the options and get everything done.

In my business I wanted a quick and easy way to make high quality pages, and when I say quick, I mean super quick. I wanted there to be no learning curve at all and I wanted to be able to make a great page in under 60 seconds. I also wanted the pages to be:

Video Ready

Fully Mobile Responsive

Proven To Convert Well

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Writing Your First EBook is a Piece of Cake

If you’ve noticed on the internet it’s hard to find a website one visits that doesn’t have an eBook of some sort thats being offered for sale or for free. Let’s face it the internet survives by being the worlds greatest source of information.

As someone once said,” If you can’t find something on the internet chances are it doesn’t exist”. One of the reasons EBooks have become so prevalent is that they have the ability to go viral and subsequently direct increased traffic to an authors website. If you’ve never written an eBook because youre not sure how to do so is understandable. However its really not that difficult to achieve if one follows a few simple steps.

Obviously the first thing to do when attempting to create an EBook is to decide what you wish to write about. To avoid the dilemma of writers block choose a subject you have prior experience in. Pick a topic that brings out some passion in you. The more passionate you are about a topic the easier it will be to write it. That passion of yours will be felt by the readers and add strength to the EBooks value.

After determining what topic you wish to write about you need to do some preliminary organization. Start by taking the time to create a title that has a little pizzazz. List more than one and consult with friends as to their opinion which one seems to jump out at them. How you phrase the EBooks title is important. It’s like the bait on a hook. If you catch a potential readers curiosity it will be easier to reel them in to investigate the rest of your writing. Once a title is chosen it’s time to organize in what direction you wish to take the reader. Make another list of sub categories which will end up being chapters. It’s important to keep in mind not to over kill. Unless your a scientist who needs to list all the facts a topic has available there is no need to over explain ones content. Keep it simple. Write your information in a manner that an eighth grader could understand. Like it or not the majority of Americans do not read at a college level.

Now before you actually start to write ask yourself a few questions. What do you want the eBook to accomplish? Is your intention to share new information? Does the information being shared help the reader solve a problem? Who are you writing too? Are you writing something for ladies only or are you trying to reach a specific group and type of person? Are you trying to make your mark as an expert? Is the purpose of writing this EBook to generate more traffic? Along with pondering these
type of questions decide if your project is to be sold or if it’s going to be a give away. Knowing for sure what youre up to will help you to stay focused. It’s easy to get side tracked when writing. You don’t want to be wandering all over the place and ultimately leave the reader confused.

Finally, don’t forget to apply basic grammar practices. Be sure to spell check your work. Misspelled words can undermine the integrity of your writing. Make sure the size of the print is easy on the eyes. If possible add pictures to the EBook to make the books environment more pleasing. If you think of the EBook as a series of small stories being shared with a friend it’ll take no time at all to accomplish the task. Don’t let yourself get burned out. If you start to get tired when writing and that natural creative flair of yours seems to be on the downside simply walk away from it for a while.

Writing your first EBook should and can be a rewarding experience. If you still feel a little unconfident as to your ability to take on such a challenge just go online and find resources that will help you. Remember nothing succeeds like success. Get that first EBook under your belt. Once you do chances are the only problem you’ll have writing the next time is not trying to write two EBooks at the same time.

Here is one of my ebook I have written.

Your 30 Minute Home Business Plan

When I started my first business I didn’t have a solid, well thought-out business plan. I threw together a rough one that I used to apply for a bank loan (which I didn’t get, by the way).

I’ve found the best way to make sure a business is going to be successful is to create a business plan. It doesn’t need to be pages long and take you days and days to complete. Below I’ve created a quick 30 Minute Business Plan.

A good business plan will help you figure out approximately what your business will cost to get off the ground. You don’t want to guess at this. Knowing your costs will help you decide what you’re going to charge.

The 30 Minute Business Plan below also includes information about your competition. Don’t forget about them. In one way or another they exist and you’re going to want to get to know them.

The bottom line most businesses fail because they don’t have a clearly spelled-out business plan. Don’t make that mistake.

For those of you who have been in business for a while, don’t think a business plan cant help you. Your business plan should be taken out on a regular basis, reread and updated.

Your 30 Minute Home Business Plan

1.What is your business exactly? Explain in one or two sentences. (If you cant describe your business in a couple of sentences, rethink your business and focus your idea).

2.Is your particular business needed? List the reasons that make you thinks so.

3.Where do you see your business in one year? In three years? In five years? (Be specific.)

4.How will you fund your business? Savings, credit cards, loans?

5.What equipment/office supplies/licenses will you need to get your business started? Total Cost?

6.What organizations and trade publications will you need? Total Cost?

7.Who is your target customer? Describe them.

8.What other businesses will you be competing with?

9.What makes your business different from your competitors business? (Include price, quality, unique services, etc.)

10.Where will you set up your home office? Is it going to cost me money to make a nice workable office? Cost?

11.Will you use daycare everyday or once a week? Cost?

12.How much money do you need to make each month to help my family survive?

Once again, this is just a partial list, but there are enough questions here to give you a good idea of what you’ll be facing with a new business and the costs involved.

A business plan is essential to your successful home business. As one great quote says, Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Here are two free download business plan below.








Real Estate Flipping Marketing

Real Estate Investing for the First Timer 

You have probably read all the information on the market as it relates to real estate investing and are well aware that many of the world's millionaires made their fortunes in the real estate market. As a result I'm sure that you feel ready to throw your hat into the ring and begin your own real estate portfolio. There is certainly nothing wrong with this as an investment strategy though there are many wrong ways in which an investor can go about the process. 

Flipping properties is my field of experience and a good deal of what will be discussed here will relate to flipping properties though some of the information can be crossed over into rental properties and other types of real estate investment. Even personal property can be a real estate investment. 

Real estate is one of the few forms of investment in today's society in which you can actually see the changes as they are occurring.  It is truly amazing to watch a property that was once neglected and in a state of disrepair suddenly spark back to life right before your very eyes. There is a lot of work involved in this process though and this is often overlooked. Much like labor in light of birth. The pains are quickly forgotten when looking into the face of the outcome. 

 Keep these things in mind for your first time and you should be well on your way to future success. You should also realize that the first few investments are learning experiences more than anything else. If you do not achieve the success you were hoping for (or success to a lesser degree than hoped) you should not give up on the dream all together simply learn from the mistakes you will make along the way as well as the mistakes that others have made.

 Real estate investing is not an exact science. There is no formula in this business that guarantees success. Even seasoned professionals will find the occasional bump in the road even on a property for which they had high expectations. Stuff happens along the way that cost money, delay the project, or set the project back. These things are stumbling blocks no doubt but should not be allowed to derail the entire project.

 When these things happens go back to your original plan, reassess the situation and create a new plan with the necessary adjustments in mind. The key is in sticking to a plan the entire time and never throwing the plan out the window and flying by the seat of your pants. Your plan will be your lifeline throughout the project. You need to have a plan and a budget in writing. One great rule of thumb is that you set aside double the amount of money you plan for in your budget. This gives you a bit of a safety net for the inevitable things that will go wrong. 

Things will go wrong on almost every flip you encounter. Even the seasoned professionals that have television shows about their flipping efforts encounter problems in almost every single flip, rehab, or renovation.

 For your first few investment purchases it is recommended that you purchase properties that need little more than minor cosmetic repair rather than complete rehabs or renovations. This allows you to get your feet wet without the incredible risk of going off the deep end mentally, emotionally, and financially. These properties represent lower profits but also lower risk.

 They also allow you to gain valuable experience and raise a little capital in which to invest in properties requiring more extensive work in the future. Keep your eye on the carrot at the end of the project. Far too many would be property investors give up just before they reach the point of true profitability. The goal is the profit at the end of the project.

To learn more about how to make money with Real Estate.


Getting a steady flow of affiliate marketing checks

In subsidiary promoting, you likely would need to be the sort of advertiser who sees a check when you open your letter box. Even more in the event that they were checks.

It is amusing to realize that there are many individuals who can never make a deal and have never gotten any checks in their associate promoting. Yet, there are likewise loads of the individuals who get month to month checks throughout the year.

Regardless of what sort of offshoot showcasing you have, you will need to be one of those while in transit to building a steady partner pay.

There are really ways on the best way to assemble a decent and sound associate advertising pay. So in the event that you are focused on this business, read on and learn.

  1. Recognizing a commonsense market specialty. Attempt to recognize the specialty market you need to zero in on. While there are a ton of those out there, not all are not difficult to invade. Usually, you will wind up losing more cash than acquiring some in any case.
  2. Locate a steady offshoot program that offers the specialty market you need. Search over the web for this program. Ensure that you discover the organization that helps their offshoots through advices and devices required for partner promoting. These are the sorts who needs your prosperity over whatever else.
  3. Have your own site and make a bulletin with content-rich data that centers around your specialty market. A site is important in member promoting. This is the place where individuals will go when they find what your contribution fascinating. This is likewise where you can inform them concerning different highlights of your business.
  4. Ensure your intended interest group gets to your site and get them to pursue your bulletin. You can do this by attempting to contrast from the manner in which others are promoting their member advertising. Be interesting. Consider imaginative approaches to make individuals go to your site and look at you.
  5. Get them to purchase from you. The ones going to your associate site ought to be prepared to purchase from you. Present them with an offer they will discover enticing so they won’t help it.

There are a great deal of locales you can investigate that are offering associate projects. Observe that some of them are acceptable and some are definitely not. Do your exploration so you can recognize which ones will be best for you. If not, you are simply burning through your time.

The following are a few hints in finding a program that will give you the benefit you have consistently longed for.

  1. Search for one that is focusing on your picked specialty market.

On the off chance that your specialty is about excellence items, you might need to give them instructional exercises on the best way to deal with their skin or body. Your items or administrations should be identified with keeping up and safeguarding excellence.

It is additionally better on the off chance that you can introduce tributes from individuals who have utilized your items. This will offer validity to what exactly is being introduced.

  1. Consider the commission you will get.

Sending an email to your rundown will set you back. Consider it thusly. At the point when you send an email, you convey a proposal on a portion of the items advertised. This is essentially called a chance expense. So in the event that you attempt to register all that you have sent, that will be the expense you caused.

Presently, have those people you messaged purchased from you? In the event that they did, at that point it merited the promoting sent. Yet, on the off chance that not, that will be deducted from you.

Be sure that the commission offered to you legitimizes and compensates for the expense of promoting you experienced. You would not have any desire to spend more on promoting than the measure of commission you are accepting. Ensure that it is all good.

  1. Review the item yourself. Try not to begin suggesting something you are not sure about. Attempt to least inspect them to know whether they are any acceptable and worth prescribing to other people.

How might you cause your clients to put stock in your item when you, when all is said and done, don’t? Come at the situation from their perspective and check whether you would be keen on benefiting one of your item or administration.

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Advantages of Putting Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts on Autopilot

Benefits of Automating Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

Affiliate marketing is the preferred weapon of choice for those businesses that are looking to handpick their partners to get targeted traffic. Furthermore, affiliate marketing is a great choice for startups and other small businesses since it is completely performance-based. If you’ve been thinking about affiliate marketing lately, then chances are, you have come across the question on automation as in, automating your affiliate marketing efforts. Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is the best choice for those who want to save both their time and money while getting the rewards of being part of an affiliate marketing program. 

Deepens Your Presence on Social Media Platforms

One of the main benefits of automating your affiliate marketing is because it increases your presence on various social media platforms that you want to target to get new customers. While you will still need to engage your audience by creating compelling new content, you can automate the entire process by pre-scheduling your social media posts. In this way, automation can help you get a bigger picture of your content calendar so that you can tweak your social strategy accordingly. You can also use tools to automate different social accounts that you use to post the same content at different times. Rather than having to make sure you post your content every day on different social platforms, you can easily automate the entire process so you can pay attention to other more important areas of running your business. 

Get Your Content In front of More People

Automating your affiliate marketing efforts not only streamlines your efforts to maintain a presence on social media but can also increase the number of eyeballs that get to read your content. This can be achieved by simply integrating your business blog to all of the social media platforms that you use. In this way, automation can ensure that your most recent blog posts get published and seen across multiple platforms, and all you have to do is push a button. 

Re-Experience the Customer Journey
 Another major benefit of automating your affiliate marketing efforts that are often overlooked is that it allows you to re-experience the customer journey that you’ve created. Thanks to automation, you will be forced to turn a microscope to your current marketing strategy to gauge what is working and what isn’t. By taking an objective look at the customer journey that you create with your content, you can improve your current marketing funnel by noticing certain areas that are in need of improvement. You may also find that your business can improve in certain areas by using automation such as chat bots, email marketing, and other useful features. 

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What Is Affiliate Marketing and Is It For Me?

Affiliate marketing can be defined as a widespread method of promotion in which an affiliate is rewarded for every view, sale, and/or registration produced through the affiliate’s efforts (depending on the type of affiliate program).

It’s similar to collecting commissions as a typical salesperson would. The more the affiliate sells… the more the affiliate gets paid. It’s as simple as that!

Here are some steps to follow to become affiliate marketer.

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Get a wordpress blog
  3. Buy a domain name
  4. Sign up to affiliate marketing network
  5. Pick a product from affiliate marketing network
  6. Sign up to an email autoresponder program
  7. Create an landing page or squeeze page for a free ebook
  8. Start driving traffic to that landing or squeeze page to collect email address
  9. Promote your products or offers to that email address to make money

If your goal is to generate your entire income online you can drive traffic from your subscriber lists, your websites, and from other marketing methods to affiliate links.

What About Product Sales and Marketing?

You’ll want to watch for great products and services with the potential to benefit your niche market and your mailing lists. To build trust and income, it’s best to recommend only those products that will be of specific interest to them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone that way.

When an affiliate is marketing any product, the cost of marketing the product is absorbed by the affiliate, so it’s important to keep that cost in mind when promoting products. Typically the higher the percentage of affiliate commissions possible from any quality product, the more that product is worth promoting.

When a product is sold through the affiliate’s personal link, depending on the service used, the total sale is divided up among the vendor, the affiliate, the taxing authority, the shipper (if any), and the payment processor.

It is common and expected that all affiliate details be spelled out in the affiliate sign-up process. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to contact any vendor to clarify their affiliate program if you have questions. Often you can telephone or email for a fast reply. If they are not willing to answer your questions then you should stay away from them. There are plenty of other quality affiliates programs that would love to have you!

Is a Digital Lifestyle for Me?

Many standard retailers offer very small commissions for affiliate sales while most internet marketers offer around 50%-75% of the sale for being an affiliate of their digitial product. This is why being an affiliate of digital products can be very lucrative in a relatively short period of time.

Although the number of affiliate programs for tangible goods and off-line services is rising, a completely digital lifestyle can be developed solely from digital or downloadable affiliate products that may never take physical form.

Of course it’s important to note that as an affiliate of any tangible product, you generally never do more than promote a link to the product online. So in that sense it’s basically the same as a digital product.

One of the best places to find digital products to affiliate with is They have an automatic affiliate program built into their payment processing service so that affiliate payments are not left up to the product owner to process.

Three other good affiliate programs to check into are: (Commission Junction)

Staying with reputable, well-known internet vendors makes a great deal of sense because you know you will get paid, you know when to expect a check or bank deposit, and you can see your account details online at any time. Plus, if you do have a problem they are more than willing to take care of it.

How Do I Get Started?

There are many ways to start with affiliate marketing, but a basic starting point is to have a web site with text or image affiliate links to products you want to promote. Generally you want to stay focused within a niche or interest group to increase your sales potential. In other words, you don’t want to have many different affiliate links to variety of completely different markets on your website. Stick to a similar theme.

If you have used the products, your promotional efforts could include a product review based on your own experience along with images and other supporting information.

Developing an email opt-in list is helpful in affiliate marketing because it gives you the opportunity to find the products and information with the most potential benefit for a group of like-minded individuals (your subscribers) and tell them about it. A targeted list of subscribers, that you have built a good relationship with could be worth thousands of dollars over time.

By promoting affiliate products to several targeted niche markets, it is possible to create a substantial income over time. Especially when the affiliate marketer is only promoting quality products with a real potential to benefit customers within the niche.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a great way to build an income without having a product of your own, and without having to do much more than get interested people to view product information through your affiliate links. It’s very easy to get started and can eventually put a lot of money in your pocket. But be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort. Making money online through affiliate programs is not easy. If it was everyone would be rich.

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